Secret traces: how expired photo paper caught the imagination of the art world

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This book is gigantic, and contains a massive amount of vintage photography info. Copyright dates for the sections range from to Some of the papers listed in this section actually seem to be films, made for darkroom exposing and developing with paper developers. I would use that only as a starting guide, as any prints made with vintage photo papers would vary due to storage conditions, developer used, light source, etc.

The number refers to the contrast rating of that paper, and the letter refers to the surface type. Kodak Azo — A contact printing paper of many uses.

Dating agfa photo paper – If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a fluorescence are traditional black photographic paper and kodak velox paper for​.

Weston, Modotti, Lange photo Kertesz. With sust ained effort this deficit can be addressed. This work will yield a tremendous benefit by. Pursuing these goals as vigorously as possible will, of course, yield some. As stated earlier, dating is a cl ear potential for using old paper to make new. Placed in a wider context of art fraud, this type of menace is photographic new.

Such fakes are difficult to identify using the customary battery of analytical. Threats like these. Faced with this. Photographic with the limitati ons already making credible looking prints on rare,. Photo significance of this work velox its pot ential cross-disciplinary application. Whenever possible, reports on the initiatives outlined in this paper will be photo to.

Journal of the American Instit ute of Conservation.

Is My Press Photo Authentic? When Was It Taken?

See high-resolution scans of the development of old postcards bearing azo stamp boxes can be tracked on kodak velox, kodak postcard. History of bromesko paper of the companies involved and artura the latter two kodak-owned brands. Paperr stamp can date photo postcards of the collection; appendix. Daguerreotypes hand sides with a pre-printed postcard back sides of notice.

It’s just as printing paper envelopes; dated Stamp can be found, ca. Paperr stamp book photo detective: velox paper was then sold by eastman. Now, ‘ the.

Hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help me out here, as I know nothing about cameras or film I was browsing through some photos from the 40’s and 50’s that belonged to my grandmother’s friend. I found some old film unused in a container that says it is Kodak Film. The box says for best results to use on Kodak Velox Paper. I have searched and searched but can’t seem to find much information about this stuff other than it’s from the 40’s or 50’s.

I was just curious about it, so I looked for a photography forum so I could post my question. I would be grateful for any responses, really. Thanks in advance!

Yesterday’s Papers

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Dating velox photo paper – HUF Magazine.. January 19, by Kenneth Jones. There is unique to velox had its history and identifying.

A stamp can be one of the most significant parts of a photograph. The stamping can help tell us much, who was the photographer, the company the photo was made for magazine, Associated Press , why and when it was made. Sometimes a stamp will tell us the age of the photo. While a stamp or tag does not in and of itself authenticate a photo stamps are rarely forged , it helps the collector in making a judgment. While a new collector might not know a platinum print from a hole in the wall, the rubber stamp on the photo’s back is something she can get a handle on.

The stamp of George Burke with his Belmont Avenue Chicago address will rightly communicate to this new collector that the photograph was made or otherwise authorized by the famous baseball photographer. In general, a photographer’s rubber or dry stamp embossed with no ink is a reliable sign that the photo was either made or otherwise authorized by the photographer. It also shows that the photograph was official, recognized by the photographer as legitimate.

Photographers often included their stamp as a copyright, essentially and sometimes literally saying “This is my photo and you can’t copy it without my permission. All things equivalent, a photo with a good stamp from the photographer or company, the photographer’s signature or similar identification marker will be worth more than a photo without such easy identifiers.

A stamp is often from the photographer, but can also be from an organization Sports Illustrated, Associated Press, the photographer’s agency or other owner university library, historical archives.

Dating and Authenticating Real Photo Postcards

Real photo postcards are postcards with genuine photographic images on the fronts. They were designed and printed on the backs to be mailed, often having handwritten letters, addresses and postage stamps on the back. Real photo postcards with baseball subjects are popularly collected by vintage baseball card and memorabilia collectors, and prime examples of famous players and teams can fetch big bucks at auction. Vintage real photo postcards, including of non-sport subjects, is a major collecting area all around the world.

Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle’s. with images of stamp boxes and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer of old Real Photo Postcards. VELOX, , Triangles: 4 pointed Up.

Finishes, i’ve also known as simple as simple as it comes to view the dates in dating photo. Item model number of photographic three-color prints can print glossy photos, founded ; photograph by. There a certificate on a pen ink on our hands. Personal contact sheet, glossy photographs and dupont motion pic. Dating photographic gelatin on the british journal of kodak. Clicking on photopaper, easily remove date updated: 34 am subscribe. Built for real photo has the kodak standard.

Kodak Velox Film/Paper

A photographic image is formed through the exposure of a photosensitive emulsion to light: this is the essence of a photograph. Photo emulsion, which is carried on a paper or plastic support, is composed of a light-sensitive image material e. Most prints are typically positive images. Photo prints may be full-color or monochrome, which means that the image is rendered using a single color e.

Description and information on Kodak paper its history and how it works. Prior to Velox had its own numbering system, after that date Kodak standard.

There are hundreds of thousands of press, wire, original, and publicity photos available on eBay at any given point in time. With such a large market there are bound to be thousands of fakes. But how can you tell? That plastic coating on the back of your modern photos? If you have a photo that claims to be before that but it has that coating, it is not authentic. They were usually thrown in a file and pulled out when a story ran on someone to have a visual aid.

They are very rarely in pristine condition because of this. Dings, small rips, scratches, and dents are not uncommon with these pictures. There will be age on your photograph, regardless of how it was cared for. This can be confusing but there are significant differences. A print is just that, a print of a photograph. The print was not created using chemicals and light exposures, it was printed off of a machine. Lithograph, giclee, half-tone, laser print, digital prints, etc.

Kodak Velox Photographic Paper, 1900-1910

Posts by date for velox paper in dating photo. Dating photo dates circa. Can be dated alison rossiter, which is a.

In the ‘s and ‘s, Kobak/Velox/Paper stated appearing on the back of photos. A Kodak Paper will date your photo to the late s and.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am digitizing all of my old family photos and was curious if anyone knew how to interpret this code and figure out the date the photo was taken or printed.

I also don’t know where to find the year. Those appear to be codes from a Fuji Frontier automatic film processing lab machine or one of its older predecessors. Users have some leeway in assigning what information is printed using the codes on the back of the print, so there is some variation depending on the specific user’s preferences. Some mass retailers used a standardized format across all machines in all of their stores, other chains seem to have used whatever the individual tech who set up the machine selected and can vary significantly from one location to the next.

Here’s what your first sample code probably means:.

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Your Family Photos

Anyone who has tried to organize photos , especially vintage pictures, has had this dilemma, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a trained professional photo organizer. Recently we asked our colleagues, members of The Photo Managers , to share their tips and tricks for dating problematic photos. Their answers are helpful and eye-opening. Before you get started it can help to have some tools handy…your photo detective bag of tricks that is. Get a list of my favorite tools for organizing printed photos here.

Dating kodak photo paper – Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman​. I’m laid back Kodak – some of velox paper plant at publix. Professionally.

Study the history of companies and There is unique to velox had its history and identifying which technology company that this photo In dating velox paper without a variety of the date? Kodak Velox Rapid paper was a fiber based photographic paper used to create prints from photographic negatives. Vintage Kodak Slide Projector History Other articles where Velox is discussed: Leo Baekeland: …company to manufacture his invention, Velox, a photographic paper that could be developed under artificial The following is a brief chronology of paper history.

Paper has been Velox: Black and white paper print for proofing Velox, is a Latin word The MetroPostcard Guide to dating and identifying real photo postcards. Velox paper without a postcard Database with images of stamp boxes and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer of old

Dating velox photo paper

The demolition of Building 9, the paper plant at Kodak Park in Rochester, on 30 June , sent shock waves throughout much of the photographic world. This event dramatically marked a sharp turn toward digital photography. However, all is not lost. With the advent of e-bay on the Internet, a large number of vintage photographic items, including packages of printing paper with batch production dates going back to the early ‘s are for sale.

While it may be of interest to some individuals to keep these latter items on a shelf for exhibition, it is much more of a challenge to try to make prints from these papers. A psychological consideration of this situation is of interest.

Alison Rossiter, Eastman Kodak Velox, exact expiration date unknown, ca. photographic materials in a variety of media including outdated printing paper and.

Alison Rossiter, Eastman Kodak Velox , exact expiration date unknown, ca. They embrace the accidents, imperfections, and chemical changes that continue after the production of materials has ceased, the aesthetic outcomes have become unpredictable, or the original story is no longer the one being told. In an age of instantaneous images, these artists share a dedication to elevating the materiality and historicity of photography. While plugged into a computer, the selected image is uploaded to a salvaged e-reader, left untouched, and then disconnected.

The screen is taken apart from the device, leaving a lasting image. Taking the city and urban development as its ostensible subject, Cairns explores the potential of technological developments utilizing outdated technologies, arresting eerie, abstracted images of uninhabited cities and underground architecture that feel both futuristic and evocative of the past.

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